2018 Resolutions

It seems I have made the same resolutions for the past, oh, I’ll say ten years, and nothing ever happens.

But 2018 WILL be different.

Why? Well, February will mark 2 years since I separated from XAH. I’ve grown and healed so much during this time. I can tell that I am no longer in the thick of the healing phase. I am ready to move on. So, here is my list of 2018 resolutions/focuses/goals for the year. I plan to revisit this post monthly and provide updates on how everything is going (hopefully to keep me more accountable!)

Beauty/Fashion: This may seem like a silly category for goals, but after the beating my self-esteem took over the last 15 years, focusing on this area of my life has really made me feel better.

  • Master curling/waving my hair
  • Master applying/wearing false lashes
  • Simplify my wardrobe and come up with staple pieces
  • Get my face lasered by dermatologist to remove age spots
  • Stop wearing my glasses all the time and start wearing my contacts


  • Take both kids on at least one vacation
  • Spend more alone time with each child
  • Less ipad/screen time for the kids and more outdoor activities
  • Come up with more crafts and other types of enrichment activities to do with the kids
  • Spend more time actually playing with my children


  • Go on at least 12 dates (yikes!)
  • Go to at least 6 events through my Single Parents Meetup group
  • Have people over to my house for drinks/appetizers. Socialize more with the neighbors


  • Stop the feeling of constant overwhelm in my business by being more focused/productive during the workday
  • Make all of my quarterly tax payments to the IRS on time
  • Gross at least $150,000 this year
  • Establish a monthly newsletter to send to prospective referral sources and former clients
  • Read at least 12 business-related books


  • Get my retirement account up-to-date
  • Establish savings accounts for vacation and house improvements
  • Less spending in general (aka simplify/life more minimalistic)
  • Get a new car


  • Reach weight goal of 105 pounds by continuing intermittent fasting and lowering intake of sugar/carbs
  • Wash face, brush teeth, and floss every night
  • Workout consistently: at least 3 days per week
  • Do yoga
  • Focus on cooking more healthy meals for the kids
  • Be in bed by 9pm consistently
  • Meditate daily


  • Overall, minimize clutter and live more simply. Don’t buy things I don’t need. Make a constant effort to get rid of clutter/old items
  • Photography and memorykeeping: Take more photos, improve in my photography skills, complete a 2017 scrapbook, keep photography blog updated, start making videos
  • Wake up at 5:30 am to give myself a better morning and some time to journal/blog/write
  • Social media: less time on Facebook and less posting
  • Be more thoughtful and plan ahead for things like gift-giving
  • One-by-one, accomplish house tasks and work towards decorating and having a polished home
  • Take at least one vacation without the kids (perhaps with a new romantic partner?!)
  • Face fear, worry less about what others think
  • Journal and record my moments of gratitude daily
  • Update this blog regularly
  • Less watching tv and more reading
  • Read at least two fiction books for personal entertainment

What are some of your resolutions? I wish you all the best for happiness and peace in 2018!