Not sure why I decided to do it, but I had a sudden feeling of wanting to check AH’s credit report. AH has had a separate credit card for years. Originally, he was supposed to cancel it after I found out about him visiting the massage parlors, but I guess he conveniently forgot.

Anyways, so I log on and pull up his credit report and check the credit card. It pulls up a monthly history of the balance on the card dating back to September 2014. As I look at the balances, I notice that there is a zero balance until February 2015, where there is a $40 balance. That gets paid off and then in May 2015, a $65 balance appears and then the balance goes up slightly each month (as if he didn’t make a payment?) Then in August 2015, the balance is $56, then $104 the next month. Interestingly enough, $65 is the amount that I know one of the prostitutes he has gone to charges for a quick session of oral sex.

I text him about this and he tells me he just used it for snacks, etc. Hmm…what amount of snacks and chew ends up being exactly $65? And if that’s the case, why didn’t he just pay it off?

I’m not sure why I’m surprised. He’s a liar. And an addict – sex addict that is. I guess I just truly wanted to believe him when he said he hadn’t done any of this stuff since I found out about is 3 years ago. I’m just a bit upset now because I felt like I was doing so good and now this feels like a punch to the gut.